Pursue Missions International is a 501(C)3 located in Lubbock, TX

Pursue Missionaries

We have sent out four families into full-time missions - You can learn more about them below:

Jeanne Jester (South Africa)

JEANNEJESTERJeanne is based in South Africa with a heart for seeing the continent of Africa strengthened and released to carry the Gospel of the Kingdom into the nations. Jeanne's fous is on intercessory prayer and training local leaders both on a local level in South Africa and in outreach across the continent.

Shannon & Lindsay Shores (Botswana, Africa)

Shannon & Lindsay333Shannon and Lindsay Shores and their 4 children [Alexis, Gabriel, Praise, & Kendrick] live in Botswana, Africa and serve as missionaries alongside Word to Africa Botswana. The Shores heart for the youth of Botswana has opened doors of ministry regarding HIV/AIDS, alcoholism, teen pregnancy, abuse and neglect. Reaching out to the youth has enabled the Shores to open a youth center as well as a church plant. Hearts are being changed, families are being healed and Botswana is turning to the Lord Jesus

Christa Ritchey (Botswana, Africa)

RitcheyChrista and her boys [Hayden and Logan] will be serving with Pursue Missionaries, Shannon and Lindsey Shores in Botswana. Christa is a principal in the Lubbock area and will take these skills to Botswana. Christa will work with the Shores in mentoring young ladies in discipleship with the Lord, she will serve in the Youth Center which reaches the youth of the city in Lobatse adn she will be teaching children.

Aaron & Jena Clendenen (Philippines)

CLENDENENSAaron and Jena Clendenen and their six children [Avery, Emma, Matthew, Marley, Tristan, & Wyatt] are missionaries in Lipa City, Philippines. Ministry opportunities abound due to the spiritual idolatry, animism, and witchcraft. Aaron and Jena serve involving orphans, new business startups, medical relief, clothing and food, evangelism, discipleship and most important, connecting the body of believers across the Philippines.

Mayra Coffer (Nicaragua)

MAYRACOFFERMayra is the Pastor of Iglesia Nueva Creacion International Church in Nicaragua. Mayra oversees numerous pastors and church plants in her country. The church plants reach out to the communities through a feeding program for the children. Pastor Mayra is reaching her nation through teaching, preaching, tv and radio broadcast. She has three dynamic sons [Rogelio, Andy, and RJ].

Elisabeth Anderson (Colombia)

EAndersonAs I started this journey to full-time missions, I was faced with the question of "Why?" "Why here? Why me? Why now?" - not in an overdramatic sense, but as in, "What do I have to offer? What is the Lord's purpose behind this? What is my unique calling?" In a neighborhood where darkness has reigned and futures are doomed to repeat cycles of abuse, violence, drug tracking, prostitution, and witchcraft, hope at times is in short supply. But, in Jesus, through His redemption on the Cross, there is hope for all. I am so excited to finally plant myself in this neighborhood and invest in the long-term work of reclaiming, releasing, and nurturing hope in the children, teens, and families of Medellín, Colombia.