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Luke 1:78-79  "Because of the tender mercy of our God, the morning light from heaven is about to break upon us, to give the light to those who sit in darkness and in the shadow of death, and to guide us to the path of peace."  Zechariah's prophecy years ago, spoken in faith over the nation of Israel but also to the nations of the world.  Today God's tender mercy towards all, in every nation, to bring them out of darkness, and face to face with the Prince of Peace is being declared from the heart of Pursue Missions.

Pursue Missions wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a holiday season full of peace.  Thank you for supporting and praying for Pursue Missionaries and ministries each month!


Prayer Request

Missions Prayer                                                      December 2017

Shannon and Lindsay Shores and children - Botswana Africa

Lindsay and the kids are still in the states for a 3 month furlough but Shannon's visit home was interrupted by an emergency court date for their adopted daughter Praise.  The adoption of Praise (6 years old from Botswana) was finalized before they came home on furlough in October.  The biological father of Praise just showed up (after 6 years of no contact), and a judge gave the father permission to go get Praise.  This was contrary to the court ruling and friends of the Shores, in Botswana, had to take extreme measures to protect Praise until the Shore's attorney could step in and make sure that a higher court overruled.  Shannon has returned to Botswana to attend a court hearing this week and we are praying that once and for all, this case is settled and Praise will be secure in the Shore family forever.

Praise needs much prayer concerning peace and security with all the events happening with the lawyers, police and others.  Pray for the US government to give her citizenship so she can travel in and out of Botswana with the Shores.

Thank you for supporting the Shores monthly through Pursue Missions.  Thank you who gave at the Pursue Missions banquet which raised over $100,000.00 for the Shores ministry in Botswana.

Aaron and Jena Clendenen and children - Lipa Philippines

The Clendenen family flys back to Lipa today, December 5th, after a furlough with family and friends.  Pray for them seamless travel, especially for the children as they step back into the Philippines during the Christmas season without family and close friends.

Pray for Jena's foot to be healed as she recently ran a marathon and damaged ligaments or tendons.

Pray as many new changes evolve for the Clendenen family in 2018.

Thank you for supporting the Clendenen family through Pursue Missions and for your continued support in 2018.

Mayra Coffer and sons - Managua Nicaragua

Such exciting events are happening at Pastor Mayra's church, Iglesia Nueva Creacion Internacional.  This week the ribbon cutting occurred for the opening of the new childrens area that Pursue Missions provided through the Pursue banquet in 2016.   Pursue Mission teams worked to tear down and build up a fun building for the children to enjoy from the Managua area.

Pray for Pastor Mayra as the church numbers increase, for her leadership over all the church plants throughout the countryside of Managua and for the funds to continue feeding the many many children each day from the community.

Thank you for praying for Mayra and her sons as they go into the new year of 2018 with new hope and vision.

Jeannne Jester - South Africa

Jeanne will be with her family for the Christmas season in Texas.  Such joy in being with family!! Pray for Jeanne as she shares her vision and hope for South Africa.  

Christa Ritchey and sons - Lipa Botswana

Christa will be leaving her principal job and focusing on her transition to Botswana to work with Shannon and Lindsay Shores.  Christa plans to move in February or March 2018.  Please pray for the visa situation for the Shores and Christa to be resolved this month.

Pray for Christa to finish her fund raising.  Please consider supporting the Ritcheys through  Your gift will be seed well planted in very fertile soil.

Elisabeth Anderson - Colombia

Pursue Missions goal is to continually place people on the fields of the world to serve with missionaries already on the field and ministries we have long time relationship.  Elisabeth Anderson will be moving to Colombia in February as a full time missionary.  

Pray for her to grasp the language and culture very easily.  For the culture to become her thought and language as she touches children and adults with the love of Jesus.

Thank you for supporting Elisabeth financially through Pursue Missions and thank you for praying for Elisabeth who is leaving a great teaching job and wonderful family at COTR.  Thank the Lord for her obedience to say yes to the "Call of the Lord" to go and serve the least.

Pursue Missions wishes you a very Merry Christmas!