Pursue Missions International is a 501(C)3 located in Lubbock, TX

Prayer Requests


The Power of Testimony:

Psalm 66:5,16 "Come and see what God has done, He is awesome in His deeds toward the children of man.  Come and hear, all you who fear God, and I will tell (I will give my testimony), what He has done for my soul."


A few of our Pursue teams have returned from Nepal, Thailand, Botswana, and McAllen with such good reports of lives being touched and changed by the Lord.  In Nepal, prayer was sown into the atmosphere to encourage the believers who are seeing an amazing growth in the church.  Prayers were prayed over dark areas of death and destruction.  In Thailand, new church plant leaders who were facing discouragement were encouraged.  Unity came as the Kingdom of God was brought to relevance in their walk with the Lord.  Youth pastors were poured into with vast amounts of new and fun information. In Botswana, the Lord's timing always amazes us each year as we step into situations not known to us months ago as we prepare teams.  The death of a key leader at the Youth Center in Lobatse launched our team into full on compassion, counsel, encouragement and love.  In McAllen, Texas our team was faced with a challenging group of youth, who most teams would have dismissed and overlooked.  But our team, after prayer, took the challenge and engaged these tough kids with love, fun, hope and lots of hugs.  At the end of a week of playing, teaching, loving and feeding, tears flowed from the tough kids and our team. Testimony is powerful, Jesus is powerful, and we praise Him as we partner in taking the Good News of the Gospel to the least, to the hurting, to the discouraged, to the rich and the poor.  Our God is so good!

We have a team in Guatemala now, June 9-16th.  Continue to pray for this team working with New Life Children's Home.  Today the South Africa team is flying to work with Jeanne Jester, June 14-25th.  This team of women will be leading a Women's Conference, "Treasures of Gold".  Team Jordan will go June 21-30th, pouring into refugees from Iraq, Syria, Iran and Jordan.  The Amazon team, a group of great men will be going June 23-30th to build a church along the Amazon river and encourage the believers.  A team will be going into a prison here in Texas, helping with a "marriage conference" for the staff inside the prison, June 28-Aug1st.  Thank you for your continued prayer for these teams of men and women who are going to serve and give hope.


Prayer for Pursue Missionaries:

Colombia - Elisabeth Anderson - Elisabeth has been in Colombia for a few months as a new missionary, greatly adapting to a new culture and learning a new language.  Many of you know Elisabeth's parents, Byron and Dena Anderson.  Dena passed into heaven Sunday morning, June 10th.  What a heavenly welcome for an amazing woman who cared for Pursue Missionaries well.  We will greatly miss Dena who loved others in the most simple, loving, and kind ways.  Dena prayed with a heart of a mother/warrior for all the nations.  Pray for Elisabeth and Byron.

Botswana - Shannon and Lindsay Shores - The Shores have just become new parents to three teenagers who lost their mom and aunt to death.  This lady was such a key leader at the Youth Center in Lobatse.  She was a cook, teacher, mentor and mother to so many kids without parents.  Pray for the Shores as they continue their ministry without this precious lady.

Guatemala - Tony and Carrie Taylor - The Taylors have been stateside a few months, returning to Guatemala June 26th.  We have been praying for the healing of Carrie's back and she is doing much better.  Continue to pray for her complete healing!  Biggest prayer request for the church in Guatemala, spiritual breakthrough for the believers in areas of identity, freedom from addictions, standing their ground against the enemy, learning to declare who they are in Jesus Christ, boldness for the pastors to speak the truth, and to interpret the Bible with new eyes of freedom, not religion.

South Africa - Jeanne Jester - Jeanne is awaiting the arrival of our team of ladies who will arrive June 15th for a Women's Conference, "Treasures of Gold".  Pray for our team of 5 ladies who are well equipped for this trip to lead in worship, to teach new truths, to love and bring hope and encouragement to so many women who have no idea who they are, a daughter of the most high King, Jesus!  Pray for emotional healing, freedom from addictions, abandonment, identity and abuse.

Aaron and Jena Clendenen are settling back into the states from the Philippines.  They will be starting a new ministry to reach young men, and little boys who are being abused, neglected, trafficked into and out of our country.  No home, refuge and rehabilitation exist in the states for males.   Pray for Aaron and Jena wisdom, knowledge, and partnerships with others with the same heart and vision to tackle this ugly realty.

Botswana - Christa Ritchey - Christa and her 2 boys are serving with the Shores ministry in Lobatse.  Pray for Christa as she is touching so many children through academic areas, mentoring young women, encourageing teachers and staff in schools, teaching Bible studies and more.  Pray for her boys who have adjusted so well to a new culture.  They are doing well in school, going into the "bush" for outreach, making new friends and learning the language.

The Lord commands us to "Remember the Testimony".  Today as you pray for these on the fields of the nations, remember to thank the Lord for all he has done and is doing today!  Amen