Pursue Missions International is a 501(C)3 located in Lubbock, TX

Prayer Requests

Jesus put all of heaven at our disposal.  He has given us the key to unlock heavens unlimited resources by praying in His Name.  Praying in the Name of Jesus is much more than simply using the words "in Jesus' Name" at the end of a prayer.  When you know what is behind His Name, what it represents, the power that resides in it and the legal right and authority that we have to use it, we will ask what we will and it will be done.

Thank you for praying for our missionaries and partners to be strong in the Lord Jesus and in the power of His might.  Pray for God to protect them and to fill them with joy in all circumstances.  Pray for God to open the closed areas of their nation and cities and advance the ministry of the Kingdom of God.

Missions Prayer                                                      APRIL 2018


RitcheyChrista Ritchey, Hayden and Logan - Botswana - Christa and her boys arrived in Lobatse, Botswana April 10th to serve our missionaries, Shannon and Lindsay Shores.  Christa was called to Botswana last year as she sat in the One More class considering a need the Shores mentiond, we need help mentoring young ladies, we need help to run the Youth Center, we need help to begin a new Church and more.  Pray for Christa and her boys who will serve for one year with the Shores ministry.  Pray for this sweet family to quickly adapt to a new culture, a new language, and practical logistics would easily emerge.  Pray for Christa as she and her boys change the atmosphere of Lobatse through the love and compassion of Jesus.

Pursue Missions Ruidoso Retreat - April 29 -May 2, 37 missionaries and partners of Pursue Missions will be coming to rest, be encouraged and have lots of fun in the mountains of New Mexico.  Missionaries and partners from the States, Czech Republic, Israel, Colombia, South Africa, Norway and Guatemala will join us for four days.  Pray as the Pursue Missions staff and COTR staff give refreshing encouragement, hope, strategy and fun to these amazing people who are changing the atmosphere of their cities and nations.

Elisabeth Anderson - Colombia - Pray for Elisabeth as she is learning the Spanish language.  Pray for her ears to grasp the new sounds, for her mouth to form new speech, and for her mind to grasp the Colombian dialect.  Elisabeth is adapting well to her new home and already touching many lives in the city of Medellin.


Jeanne Jester  - South Africa - Pray for Jeanne as she flew back to the States for her grandmothers funeral who was 93 years young this past week.  Jeanne's grandmother was a great prayer warrior as she encouraged Jeanne to go serve the nations in prayer.  Jeanne will be in the states through May as she will be attending the Pursue Missions Retreat the end of April

Continue to pray for the drought to be broken in South Africa.  Water rationing is occurring and desperate means are occurring to conserve what water is left in the dams.

Pursue Mission's next team leaves for Thailand May 3 - 14th to work with Simon and Elizabeth Lee.  Pray for Amy, Madelyn, and Arjay Gomez, Cynthia Flores, Gabe Sanchez, Joe and Terri Reed.  The focus of the team will be training and encouraging the leaders of Cornerstone Chapel in the area of children and outreach.  Outreach will focus on the poor communities affected by drug addiction and lack of parental care.  The team will be prayer walking the city of Hatyai, praying for God's mercy and forgiveness.  Praying that souls would be drawn to the goodness of our heavenly Father.

Pursue Missions partners with over 40 ministries in the states and overseas:

Jasper and Latrica Jowers will be moving to Guatemala as full time missionaries with New Life Children's Home.  The Jowers will be working in the areas of Maintenance and care for the children.  Pray for the last amount of their fund raising to be complete.  To donate to the Jowers go to

Matthew, Tabitha and Lynn Bratcher's ministry consists of teaching ESL to refugees in the Dallas area.  The Bratchers work at the Arab American Learning Center in Dallas teaching, mentoring and loving refugees from Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries.  Pray for these refugees to find Jesus through the Bratcher's ministry of hope and love.

Parent Life Lubbock is a ministry here in Lubbock that reaches out to expectant teens and teen parents through intentional relationships.  Trained adults and community partnerships empower the teens to make good choices and encourage them to further their education and move toward independent living.  Pray for our partners at Parent Life, Mike and Devin Vergara who pour their lives into these young adults.

Thank you for praying for the nations of the world and for individuals who go as ambassadors of the Lord, carrying the Good News of Jesus Christ.